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Spouse.Net.Au Domain Name

Spouse Net Au
domain Details
TLD Type:
Country and Type:
Australia .NET.AU
Domain Characters:
6 Letters
Dictionary Word:
Yes Single Word
First Registration:
Expiry Date:
Dating, Visa’s, Insurance, Legal, Shopping
First Installment:
$30 AUD
Future Installments:
$15 AUD /pm
Purchase Option:
$1,000 AUD
Annual Lease Increases:
Lease Duration:
1 Years
Back Links:
No Bad Links

little information about similar domains. Their domain names and the prices they yielded.

  • CompareLoans.com.au Sold for $16,200.00 AUD
  • CompareRealEstateAgents.com.au Sold for $1000.00 AUD
  • HealthInsurance.com Sold for $8,133,000.00 USD
  • Remortgage.uk Sold for £17,000.00 GBP

hat can you do with Spouse.net.au, well quite a lot, you could run a spouse gift site, a dating site find the perfect spouse, insure your spouse, Spousal Visa Information and Management, just to name a few.

  • eCommerce
  • Visa Applications
  • Spouse Insurance
  • Dating
  • Legal

osts of SPOUSE.net.au are quite reasonable. For any more information don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • $30.00 Initial Fee
  • $15.00 Per Month
  • $1,000.00 Purchase Option
  • 0% Fee increase for the duration of the lease
  • 1 Year Lease
  • $210.00 Total Cost of Lease


Spouse.net.au is a great one for Spousal Visa Applications or Renewals, Spousal Insurance is also a large market. It could be used as a Spouses gift store, a dating site, an information site “how to be a better Spouse”. Just a few ideas that come easily to the mind.

With SPOUSE.net.au you have the chance to get into an extremely premium domain, that is a massive keyword worldwide, all at a very reasonable rate. Not only is it a short 6 letter domain, it is also highly and easily remembered domain name. Imagine saying over the phone “my email is yourname@spouse.net.au” anybody could remember and spell it correctly.

We also have the matching Husband.net.au and Wife.Net.Au Imagine what you could do with His and Her matching websites. You would probably be the first domains in the world to have matching him, her and they/them versions. What a great way to get free advertising.


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