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Semi Truckers.com Now Leased


The new lessee, has decided to collaborate with us in this exciting new project. A forum and social media site dedicated to Semi Truckers or Truck Drivers.

Work has begun, the budget for the project, is quite limited, and will be done using Open Source products, until the project can make its own income.

The plans have been developed, the requirements for the project have been identified. At the moment talks are about how the website will operate, it’s objectives and outcomes. The way it will be monetised is also being discussed.

A professional Logo designer has been consulted and designs are being discussed and looked at.

TLD Type:
Country and Type:
Domain Characters:
12 Letters
Dictionary Word:
Yes Two Words
Common Phrase:
Yes Extremely Common
First Registration:
Expiry Date:
Drivers, Trucks
First Installment:
Future Installments:
Purchase Option:
Annual Lease Increases:
Lease Duration:
2 Years
Back Links:
No Bad Links

little information about similar domains. Their domain names and the prices they yielded.

  • truck.com Sold for $101,000.00 USD
  • TruckDrivingJobs.com Sold for $80,000.00 USD
  • TruckerJobs.com Sold for $25,000.00 USD
  • TruckLeasing.com Sold for $42,713.00 USD

hat can you do with SemiTruckers.com, a great domain for being able to reach those drivers for either jobs, contracts, truck sales, forum or social media.

  • Truck Drivers Jobs
  • Social Media / Forum
  • Truck Sales

osts of SemiTruckers.com are quite reasonable. For any more information don’t hesitate to contact us.



The new lessee, is looking to setup a dedicated forum/social network for truckers, and has decided to collaborate with us in this exciting new project.



he Project was discussed with the new Lessee, they asked us how we could help them achieve their goals. The budget was discussed and agreed upon. They have a small budget, but we can make that work, it means, instead of a custom solution we will go with a Open-source solution.

They would eventually like a custom setup, but they want the Domain to pay for it, rather than pay out of their own pockets.

The new lessee, would like to make a Social website for Truckers, from all around the world. So evaluating the clients budget and their expected project outcomes. We agreed that WordPress combined with BuddyPress and bbPress would be a good combination for their budget. WordPress is renowned through out the world for its ease of use, and being able to highly customise the way it looks with use of Themes and Plugins.

A few of the ideas they have for the project.

  • A forum
  • With social media aspects
  • Ease of use for both PC and Mobile
  • A sense of Humour
  • Possibly a Jobs Section

You can see here the progression the Logo went through. What do you think? There was mixed opionions on the trucks, some liked the Black Truck as it looked mean, but owners thought the red truck was more inline with their sense of humour.


he two initial designs where chosen from a small range of designs. It was decided that a combination of the two designs would be what they lessee would prefer. The design of the logo went through a series of modifications, the new lessee had a rough idea of what they wanted. They wanted a logo that could also be a badge for merchandise. They had an idea of a Truck with flames coming out the back , to indicate speed and explosiveness.

They liked the idea of a more cartoon version of the truck, and change from Black to Red Flame colour. They thought that Semi Truckers words didn’t look right, so they moved the word Semi into the Number Plate and just had Truckers as the main word. The red road at the bottom didn’t look quite right so some tyre marks where added which gave them the final version.

The criteria for the logo was as follows.

  • Fire Flames
  • Truck
  • Tyre
  • Road
  • Strong
  • Bold
  • Badge Like for Merchandising

sing WordPress in conjunction with BuddyPress and bbPress, the idea is to quickly establish a fully operable website.

With a quite a few themes that work with the WordPress collection, they took a couple of days and picked out the one they liked. They road tested it before they chose it.

So far the outlay for the Project has been very minimal.

  • WordPress = Free
  • BuddyPress = Free
  • bbPress = Free
  • Theme = Paid
  • Logos = Paid
WordPress is a well respected Content Management System
BuddyPress is a fun an easy way to create an online community, with teams and groups.
bbPress is a forum software that is used in conjunction with WordPress and BuddyPress.

o what’s next for the Project, well it is time now to come up with a list of forum categories, some posting rules. Time to the Legal parts of running a website, Privacy Policy, content policy.

Getting users and populating a Forum is one of the hardest parts. Build it and they will come doesn’t work for forums, there are hundred’s if not thousands of forums that lay dormant and don’t increase their user base.

  • Decide on Categories
  • Build User Base
  • Generate Content

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