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Status: For Lease

Type: Website

Industry: Publishing, Media

Registered: 31st May 2006

Domain Age: 14 Years Old

Keywords: Media & Font

Traffic: 15,000 Uniques Per Month Avg

Page Views: 47,000 Avg Per Month

PageRank: 3

BackLinks: 750+

Referring Domains: 150+

Media Fonts is available for Lease

MediaFont.com is a 2 keyword website, the Keywords “Media” and “Font” this website hosts 1000’s of free font downloads. Currently it has over 13,000 free fonts available for download. This site has never been monetized or socialized, a great beginner site for someone looking to learn how to monetize a working website, with a large amount of organic traffic.

It’s a potential gold mine just looking for a great partner to expand and start making some serious money.

In 2015 the site had 1.9 Million Unique visitors, with 3.8 Million page views. As the website hasn’t been updated since 2011 with new fonts the traffic has slowed but in 2019 it still had 225,000 unique visitors. As any SEO will tell you these days, updating a website is a must to increase the traffic flow.

MediaFont has an admin section that is simple but very efficient. You can upload a font either as a .ttf or otf or inside a zipfile and the script will take the details from the font and fill in all the details for you, no need to type the name or other details into the system it automatically does it for you. Images and page names are automatically inserted from the script.

MediaFont was the first font site that automatically converted ttf files to eot files so that webmasters could use any specific font on their own website. This was before Google Fonts and other online fonts. The script also converts .ttf files to .eot files automatically so people can use that specific font as their website font.

Some ideas for growth and revenue could include

  • design your own fonts and sell them
  • advertising on the website
  • adding advertising in the zip file downloads
  • adding a user section
  • running affiliate sales for the big font sites
  • Start your own market for fonts.
  • Build a huge mail list form the users downloading the fonts, make them join before the download begins.
  • add a media section
  • if you are graphically inclined use it to offer your services


The initial lease can be for 6 months with a 3 month ($90.00) deposit. So the total lease outlay would be $180.00 AUD

Payments of $30.00 AUD per Month or a single Payment of $300.00 AUD per Year ($25.00 per Month)




Admin Section
Admin Section allows uploading and editing old and new fonts. Gives you up to date statistics.
Automatic Details
Automatic insertion of details from font files. No need to write a name or other details. Let the website do the work for you. To add a font literally takes about 5 seconds. All details are taken from the font being uploaded.
The admin section offers daily, weekly and monthly statistics of page views and downloads. You can work out which font is trending, organise your advertising around great statistics.
Free Hosting
Free hosting on one of our Servers, either USA, Europe or Australia, if you need it hosted in another country talk to us we may be expanding our range of servers. Of course if you want to host it on your servers that is also an option.
Free Domain Registration
The domain will be registered each year, so you don't have to worry about that expense.
Unlimited Bandwidth
If you keep the hosting with us we have unlimited 1GBps bandwidth so you'll never run out nor spend any extra on additional bandwidth.
Old Statistics
Statistics going back to September 2014 are also available, showing keywords, incoming links, page views etc..
Admin Manual
An instruction manual for the Admin section is available. but it is such a simple admin, most parts are automatically done for you. It took me about 2 minutes to work out how it worked it is so simple yet very efficient.


The owner of MediaFont.com built the site in 2011. He decided to wait and let it build up before placing advertising and other methods of monetization. Unfortunately as most things life got in the way and he never had the time add the monetization methods. Now nearly 10 years later he realises he will probably never get around to doing it so why not offer the chance to someone else, try it before you buy it.

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