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DWG2.com Now Leased


DWG2.com didn’t last very long in our collection, basically a couple of days after we received it, the new lessee decided to take it on and commit to a new project.

One of our ideas for the site a conversion site from .DWG Computer Aided Design file format, to other file formats. We must admit we didn’t really have any other idea for this domain. The domain name is so specific we believed the best project would be the one we suggested.

Work has begun, a temporary site has been installed and hosted. The plans have been developed, the requirements for the project have been identified. At the moment talks are about how the website will operate, it’s objectives and outcomes. Work on the conversion process from DWG to other formats been formalized and the coding has begun. The way it will be monetised is also being discussed.

As costs are to be kept to a minimum except for work on the conversion process, a simple logo was made. Once the site is generating income, a more professional logo will be introduced. The thought process behind the actual website, had two distinct options.

Option 1

A custom built design using a PHP Framework such as CODEIGNITER or LARAVEL

Using a framework would allow for quick development as well as keeping the website and conversion tight and streamlined.


  • Streamlined
  • Fast and Efficient Operation
  • Do everything needed
  • Small FootPrint


  • Cost to build all of the website
  • Time to build all of the website
  • Everything has to be built from scratch
  • Upgrade-ability
  • Security

Option 2

A website built designed around a current CMS and Custom Plugin/Module

Using something like WordPress with WooCommerce  or Joopla with VirtueMart.


  • Easy to Upgrade
  • Quick Development
  • Plugins available
  • Existing Payment Modules
  • Easy to manage
  • Admin Area already exists


  • Slower to load
  • Can be bloated with non needed functions
  • Can be an easier target for malicious actors
TLD Type:
Country and Type:
 World   .COM
Domain Characters:
3 Letters 1 Number (4 Characters)
Dictionary Word:
Common Phrase:
Common File Format for CAD
First Registration:
Expiry Date:
CAD, Computer Aided Design
First Installment:
Future Installments:
Purchase Option:
Annual Lease Increases:
Lease Duration:
2 Years
Back Links:
No Bad Links
21st August 2020
DWG2 Joins the Team
DWG Leased
24th August 2020
DWG2 is Leased
Project Begins
25th August 2020
DWG 2 Conversion Project
WordPress & WooCommerce Installed
Beta Test
29th August 2020
DWG2 is in Beta Test Mode

little information about similar domains. Their domain names and the prices they yielded.

  • iCad.com Sold for $11,005.00 USD
  • CAD.org Sold for $3,800.00 USD
  • KCad.net Sold for $3,688.00 USD

hat can you do with dwg2.com, a great domain for being able to convert .dwg files to another file format.

  • DWG File Format
  • CAD Site
  • DraWinG website

osts of DWG.com are quite reasonable. For any more information don’t hesitate to contact us.



After choosing Option 2 the less costly version of the above plans, it was decided that the site would run on WordPress. For a couple of reasons. The Admin Section is already complete. Running with WooCommerce the financial gateways could also be setup with minimal effort. A theme was chosen and installed. All of this took a few minutes and the cost was around $100 USD for the theme and plugins.

The conversion plugin is now in beta test, this converts DWG CAD files to another format. This has been the most expensive part of the Project as it is custom designed for the DWG2 website. The eCommerce is setup and working in test mode. The website converts DWG files and then charges for the file output. All this is working in test mode. There is still a long way to go, lots of content has to be written, making sure all the options of the conversions are put in place. It was decided to make a page for each conversion. All in all, a very smooth transition from a completely blank domain to a fully operational website.

The time frame for all this work, just a little over a week so far. Not a bad project and a great time frame.

Some of the great things about using WordPress as the base of this project is the cost outlay and the time frame, it is reliable and works well for small to middle sized projects. Using WordPress allowed the Lessee to put most of their budget into the conversion process, whilst also allowing for a much shorter time frame to complete the project. WordPress is also constantly being worked upon and upgraded, WooCommerce also has a committed team, this allows for easy upgrades, easy layouts and an already tried and tested Admin section with decent security.


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